Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

Much of my practice involves the treatment of children and adolescents. Often, parents inquire about therapy for their child or adolescent when they have concerns surrounding difficulties with socialization, academic performance, family relationships, friendships, and/or self-esteem. Whether it be through play or talk therapy, my goal in working with this age group is to provide a safe, accepting environment where we can work together to address current challenges, recognize and understand the child's strengths, and remove the psychological roadblocks that interfere with their development.


Adult Psychotherapy

While individuals seek therapy for many reasons, adults who consider treatment often find themselves struggling with anxiety, depression, life-transitions, intimacy and relationships, and/or career concerns. Psychotherapy can be a powerful resource for understanding the origins of these difficulties and working through ways of addressing such problems in order to enable greater fulfillment in work, play, and relationships.

I see the first few sessions as a consultation, where we will talk about your decision to seek therapy, your personal history, and what you hope to get from treatment. By the end of this time, I will be able to offer you some of my initial thoughts about how I could be helpful to you. These sessions will also give you a sense of what it would be like working with me. I believe that a good therapeutic fit is vital to a successful treatment. To this end, if you determine that your needs would be better served by someone else, I can help refer you to other providers. If you decide to work with me, we will schedule regular psychotherapy sessions.